Our Beautiful Milk

If you stop by the farm and pop into the cow-print shed, you can pick up a pint or two of our delicious unpasteurised cow’s milk. Fill your bottle from the UK’s first raw milk vending machine! The milk for sale in our shop comes exclusively from our own happy cows. You can see them about the place if it’s milking time, or as distant specks grazing on the beautiful Stow Fen, just behind the farm.

We hope you will notice the lovely thick cream line and distinctive flavour, and if it makes it as far as the fridge, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the shelf life too!

Good quality fresh milk is hard to come by in the UK. Most of the cows that produce milk for general public consumption are over-worked and stressed. This means unhappy animals and poor quality milk, but not on our farm. We aim to break the mould. We pride ourselves on really looking after our cows, and we think it shows in the quality and flavour of our raw milk. We’d love to hear what you think of it!

Fen Farm’s Delicious Raw Milk