A unique expression of our land

Our fabulous raw whole milk comes straight from our free-ranging Montbeliarde herd. It’s the freshest, most delicious milk you can lay your mitts on and is completely unprocessed. We promise! The Monty is an ancient breed of cow, originating from the alpine Jura region of France. She doesn’t give much milk but the milk she does give is protein-rich and delicious.

Our raw milk is a unique expression of the fertile soils of our wildlife-rich grazing marshland and the wide variety of grasses and herbs that grow here. A true and edible account of our happy herd and the “terroir” of our special part of Suffolk, nestled in the elbow of the Waveney River Valley.

If you stop by the farm and pop into the cow-print shed, you can pick up a pint or two of our incredible unpasteurised cow’s milk from the UK’s first raw milk vending machine! You can see our cows if it’s milking time, or as distant specks grazing on the beautiful Stow Fen, just behind the farm. We also now ship our raw milk locally and nationwide.