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Our herd

The very best raw milk comes from grass, hay and forage fed cows. This is our aim for the very near future. We’re rapidly changing our raw milk herd away from the industry led, high yielding, stressed out type, to a more peace loving, relaxed type of beast.

We are going back to basics. Our herd is fast becoming a pure bred herd of Montbeliarde cows. The Montbeliarde breed are happiest when dining on grass and home grown hay and forage. Their milk is naturally higher in proteins and butter fats, making it even more flavoursome, and giving even more health benefits when consumed raw. The Montbeliarde is an ancient breed of cow, from the Alpine regions of France. It hasn’t been overbred like the Holstein has been, which means that it has retained the beneficial A2 gene. Milk produced by cows with the A2 gene is thought to be more easily digestible to humans and raw A2 milk may even be consumed by some lactose intolerant people. We only breed our cows to bulls who carry the A2 gene.

Our farming style is low intensity and our cows are not under pressure to give unsustainable amounts of milk. Some our fellow farmers have called us crazy…that’s not the way things are done, your animals must produce more, more, more milk at all costs! But we believe that our future is in fat, happy grass-fed cows, the way nature intended them to live. And great milk.

Due to the wet nature of the marshland around the farm, there are certain months during the winter when it’s not possible for the cows to graze (they’d need boats!). Or sometimes it’s just so cold or dry that the grass doesn’t grow. During those short periods of the year, the girls are housed in deep straw barns, with plenty of fresh air and back scratchers for a good massage, whenever the need takes them.

If you have any questions about our herd and our farming values, please feel free to drop us a lineor take a ganders at our Myth Busters section, where we explain the real deal behind some popular farming myths.


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