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Who we are

We are Jonny and Dulcie Crickmore. We have two lovely kiddies, Arthur and Ottilie, and our favourite things (apart from cows) are travelling, eating, being outdoors, being creative and having some family time.

Jonny is the main cheesemaker, the driving force behind our raw milk sales and has dedicated his working life so far to developing the farm, alongside his father Graham, Mother Frances and our fab team of staff.

Graham has been working on Fen Farm since the tender age of 8, when it was owned by his uncle, Richard Cook and older sister, Joy. Although Richard and Joy are sadly no longer with us, their hard work and legacy lives on and in recent years, Jonny and Graham have together taken the business from strength to strength.

Frances is a talented artist, photographer and cook and stalwart support to the team on the farm.

I (Dulcie) hang out back stage, writing things (like this website), working on our branding and marketing, helping with the development of our cheese, dodging flying food from toddlers and generally organising things. In my day job I am a costume maker for film and theatre.

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