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Love cheese A LOT? Want to explore the most exciting British farmhouse cheeses? Want to get access to more Fen Farm Dairy products and perks?

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Fen Farm and Friends is our quarterly members-only club. It’s where we share all the extra bits throughout the year and discover amazing new cheeses together. Your membership also helps to support small cheesemakers throughout the UK.

You will receive a quarterly cheese selection box (£35 per quarter, billed at each dispatch), featuring a selection of the finest British farmhouse cheeses we can lay our mitts on each season. See below for this season’s cheese list.

Each box will take you on a journey through the provenance and terroir of the many farming regions of the UK. Each cheese you receive will be a unique expression of the time and place in which it was made. A true reflection of the seasons, the grazing flora, the breed of animal and the skills and dedication of the cheesemaker who created it.

Every box will include our own beautiful Baron Bigod cheese, made here on our Suffolk farm, alongside a seasonal selection of 4 guest cheeses. You will also receive guided tasting notes, pairing suggestions and information about each cheese and its maker. Every box contains a minimum of 1kg of amazing cheese.

AND you will have access to all these great Fen Farm Dairy benefits, only available to our members:

  • 10% members discount off all products on the Fen Farm Dairy website, at all times.
  • Early bird access to any new Fen Farm Dairy product launches.
  • Early bird access to any “ripe and ready” cheese deals from us at Fen Farm, as well as some of the finest British cheesemakers.
  • Early bird access to cheese tastings and farm tours at our beautiful and progressive farm in Suffolk.

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here’s what’s in our Autumn membership box:


Soft, bloomy rind, cows milk, unpasteurised. Made here on our farm in Suffolk, from the warm mornings milk of our happy Montbeliarde cows. The only raw milk brie-style cheese made in the UK.



Goats milk, unpasteurised. A naturally mould-ripened goat’s cheese made by mother and daughter team Carolyn and Leonie in the milk fields of Northern England, overlooking the Northern Fells of the Lake District.

Connage Gouda

Connage Gouda

Cows milk, pasteurised. A sweet and complex Gouda style cheese handmade on the Clark family’s stunning organic farm on the shores of the Moray Firth.

Strathdon Blue

Strathdon Blue

Semi-soft, blue, cows milk cheese, pasteurised. An intense blue cheese made at the Stone family farm on the shores of Dornoch Firth, direct descendants of Mariota de Ile, cheesemaking daughter of the MacDonald of the Isles.



Cows milk cheese, unpasteurised. A delicate and pungent cheese made on the Davenport family farm and washed in the local ale, deep in the Wolds of Lincolnshire.