All About Fen Farm dairy

Fen Farm Dairy are an innovative 3rd generation family farm, aiming to set the standard for dairy sustainability. In a few short years, Fen Farm products have taken the UK food scene by storm. Our Baron Bigod cheese has become a beloved menu staple of top chefs and is known to frequently grace the tables of Royalty. Our happy herd of Montbeliarde cows graze the fertile marshland of the Waveney River Valley and we are making their nourishing milk into the finest dairy products. We are excited to introduce you to our wares! 


our secrets


Circular farming

We care for the life cycles on our farm in minute detail. We know that if we have happy soil microbes we will have lush pastures, thriving happy cows and incredible milk from which to make the best products. But we also give back too. Our cows muck goes back to the land to complete the natural cycle and nourish the soil microbes. But not before it has been used to heat our cow-poo powered heat exchange system, which heats the hot water for our production facilities!


The milk that goes into our products is just as nature intended, raw and unpasteurised. Just filtered and cooled, straight from our happy cows.

Really really fresh

We know that the finest dairy products are made using the freshest milk. Our products are made using fresh warm milk, straight from the cow, very early in the morning. 


The delicate fat molecules in milk can be easily damaged and this makes for poor cheese. This is why we gently gravity feed our fresh warm milk straight from the milking parlour to the making rooms at each morning’s milking.

Breed of Cow

Our girls are of the ancient Montbeliarde breed, originating from the alpine Jura region of France. They don’t give much milk but the milk they do give is protein rich, exquisitely flavoured and ideal for cheesemaking.

Feed and Care

Our cows live a free-ranging life on our wildlife rich basin marshlands and thrive on a diet of home grown grass and forage. We aim to grow all our winter feed ourselves, within a few miles of our farm. We treat each cow’s health individually and take care of their daily wellbeing by using good probiotics in their water, to keep them fit and strong from the inside out.

Bacteria and Rennet

Our girls are of the ancient Montbeliarde breed, originating from the alpine Jura region of France. They don’t give much milk but the milk they do give is protein rich, exquisitely flavoured and ideal for cheesemaking.

The hand craft of people

Just this. The subtle care and attention that a pair of human hands can bring to the things we create. We believe it can’t be substituted and that’s why all our products are made right here on our farm, by true artisans, who really care.


our ethos

Here at Fen Farm, we believe in the importance of connecting people to the food they eat and the farm from which it came. We also believe it is our responsibility to be excellent stewards of the land we farm and the ecosystems that live here. Our mission is to become carbon negative. We are well on our way to achieving this and almost all our energy comes from renewable sources including our unique cow-poo powered heat exchange system and solar battery storage.


Who we are


Jonny and Dulcie Crickmore

Jonny is the “force majeure” at Fen Farm Dairy. He has been working on the farm since the age of four, when he would sneak out of bed at 3am and follow his Dad to the cowshed to help with the morning jobs. Now there is a little less sneaking involved but no fewer early mornings and wild enthusiasm. In Jonny’s spare time he’s the chairman of the Raw Milk Producers Association.

Dulcie shelved her day job as a costume designer, to have their two kids and to take part in the marketing and business development at Fen Farm Dairy.

Together, Jonny and Dulcie have diversified the original farm with the addition of a pioneering cheese and butter making business. Their focus is on making exceptional artisan products and helping other dairy farmers on their journey to diversification.

Graham and Frances Crickmore

Graham has been working on Fen Farm since the tender age of 8, when it was owned by his uncle, Richard Cook and older sister, Joy. Although Richard and Joy are sadly no longer with us, their hard work and legacy lives on and Graham has dedicated his working life to building a thriving dairy farm. In recent years, Jonny and Graham have together taken the farm operations from strength to strength.

The farm team

These are our amazing people who get out of their warm beds in the dark and sleet in February to tend to a newborn calf. The ones who still do the same dedicated job, whatever the weather, because with livestock, you can’t give it half measures.

The cheese team

These are our curd nerds. They navigate the labyrinth of complex dairy science on a daily basis, over a cuppa, like it was just your average morning chat. These guys are a coagulation of geniuses. And they make awesome cheese and butter and yoghurt and, and, and…..drool.

The people who keep us in order

When you call us up and get a really flipping nice and organised ninja person on the end of the phone, you know you have reached the FFD office team. Without them to slap us into shape, we would be lost.