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Myth Busters!

Here we shed light on a few popular farming myths that we’ve heard circulating in recent years!

Myth 1:

Cows are fed/injected with growth hormones, which pass through into their milk and meat.

Answer: Never on our watch! This practice is illegal in the UK and fairly disgusting anyway.

Myth 2:

Cows are fed beef and/or other meat.

Answer: Yuck, no that’s cannibalism and also illegal. We promise our girls are strictly vegetarian. (Although we can’t promise they won’t gobble the odd passing small child…only kidding!)

Myth 3:

Milking cows are kept in small cubicles, in which they are not able to exercise.

Answer: Sadly, this does happen on some intensive dairy farms, mostly in America but sometimes in the UK too. Not on our farm though. Our girls will always have space to roam, whatever the weather.

Myth 4:

Male calves born on dairy farms are killed at birth as they are of no use for milking.

Answer: Tragically this does happen on some farms, although it is a rare practice nowadays. We never murder calves or kill an animal needlessly. All our male calves are reared for beef. They live a good life with acres of space to roam, grazing fresh grass and are not slaughtered until adulthood. When we do send animals for slaughter, they always go to our local slaughter house, to avoid undue amounts of travelling and stress for the animals and to keep food miles low.

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